What is it about tailgating before a Packer game that gets people so excited? D2 tailgate
Is it the thought of great food and drinks? Playing catch or corn-hole with your friends? Or is it meeting Packer fans that become friends for a day and who can agree that the Bears still suck? Whatever it is, tailgating is an essential part to every Packer game! What ISN’T essential to every Packer game is that you setup your own tailgate. Let’s think about it for a second, there’s quite a bit of gear and prep that goes in to hosting what could be considered just a decent tail
gate. You have to bring food, drinks, chairs, a grill, probably a table, and some activity to do such as corn-hole to help pace yourself while you drink or give you another reason to drink. Then you have to set everything up, start cooking the food, eat, drink, let it all digest, not move for 30 minutes otherwise you might cramp up, let the grill cool down because you’ve seen what happens in that Allstate commercial, and get everything put away before you head in for the game. Avoid all of that work and tailgate at D2!

An addition for the ages!

If you haven’t been to D2 lately, you are in for a huge surprise.D2 Tailgate 2
We just completed a major addition to our building and it has taken our tailgating game to the next level! We have tons of new TV’s so you’re sure to have a view of the game no matter where you are in the bar. You’ll be able to experience the awesome fall weather during games with our giant clear garage doors and stay warm during the frozen tundra months as well! We’ll be ready to tailgate every Packer game whether it’s home or away, rain, shine, or whatever the next 15 minutes of Wisconsin weather has to throw at us! So next you decide to tailgate for the game, leave the grill and industrial size bottle of lighter fluid at home and come to D2. As always Go Pack Go!